Individuals and Groups at the International Level

The thing about environmental change and damage is that it has the potential to affect all of us. Of course, some of it is more localized. If harmful chemicals get into the water table of a particular town, that will have disastrous effects on the health of people living there, but you don’t really expect it to affect a country across the world. However, many of the environmental challenges that humanity is facing transcend geographic boundaries and nationalities.  These are truly global issues and in these cases, people and groups all over the world have an incentive to act. Some countries will be affected worse than others, but just about every country will be affected somehow.

One way to move forward is to look for individuals and groups in different places to help each other out. There are some examples of how this can be done, but more efforts need to be carried out. We are unfortunately not doing enough to try to preserve the environment we have. One example of this is an initiative which uses old mobile phones in order to protect certain forests from illegal loggers. The idea here is that the mobile phones can be installed at various points in the forest, along with some form of renewable power source.

Then, if logging takes place in the vicinity of a phone, the device’s microphone will pick it up and this will alert the authorities to the intrusion. Just think of all the mobile phones that are gathering dust, forgotten in desk drawers all around the world. Many of these could be put to much better use, protecting forests, if only they could be transported where they are needed. Something like this could be tried out in other countries as well. Since sending money to the Philippines is easy, and the same is true for other countries, similar projects could get off the ground if supported by individuals and groups in other countries.

SEO and a Wider Reach

People and organizations who are looking to help improve the state of the environment need to learn about the tools that corporations and businesses use to reach wider audiences. One of the most important tools out there is SEO. This is very important because it allows these entities to capture the attention of people who are searching for relevant keywords or phrases online. The reality is that many people use Google on a regular basis in order to find information.

SEO allows you to tap into those interested and sometimes motivated people online. So for instance, if you are carrying out environmental projects in New Zealand, you might want to consider hiring or at least speaking with a search engine optimisation NZ company. The firm should be able to give specific and tailored information on how ranking well for certain searches can help with your initiatives. Again, this is something that corporations are already doing. It’s also important for civil society, NGOs and other environmental groups to harness its power as well.

How individuals and groups can make a difference